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Sabbath School classes happen at 10 am
Followed by the 11:30 am church service.

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(0-23 MONTHS) - ROOM 108, 10:00 AM

It’s never too early to start learning about Jesus! We work hard to put together a program that is highly visual with simple songs that every child can appreciate. And, we have special seats just for them! Activities are carefully planned so that even the youngest infants will be able to participate. Yes, even if your baby is likely to sleep through the program, he/she is welcome! We have observed that those children who start coming at such a young age adapt quickly to Sabbath School; and as they grow it becomes a second home to them!

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(2-4 YEARS) - ROOM 117, 10:00 AM

Children of different ages learn in different ways and it is important to us to teach on a level that your child will understand. We join together for song service, puppet skits, and craft time, and then we break into age appropriate groups to focus on the lesson. Using felts, the story will come alive for your child to touch and enjoy. The older children participate in hands-on activities that make the story come alive for them as well. We strive to create a strong Christian background for your child as they get ready to dive deeper into the life of Christ.

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(5 YEARS - 1ST GRADE) - ROOM 115, 10:00 AM

Each week, your kids will begin a new adventure into the Word of God while building relationships with each other. They begin with a Color Connection activity that visually illustrates the lesson. Then, they journey back into time with the Bible Times house where they interact in Bible events while learning how to apply the lesson to their lives. After Talks with God through prayer, we have our Creative Replay activity that reinforces the lesson.

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(2ND & 3RD GRADE) - ROOM 111, 10:00 AM

Your child will begin their journey in a small group so that they can enjoy traveling through the Bible using creative hands-on science experiments and crafts that reinforce the message that we are teaching. As we study each lesson, we hope that through the Bible, we can bring your child closer to God and help them create a life long relationship with Him.

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(4TH & 5TH GRADE) - ROOM 113, 10:00 AM

Are you trying to find creative ways to teach the Bible? In this class we are using science and chemistry to follow up our lessons each week. Life long lessons can be gained from the insightful wisdom of the Bible we will help guide your child through their studies while paying special attention to a strong Christian foundation as they prepare themselves for their pre-teen years.

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Youth classes
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Kids in Art Class



YOUTH: ROOM 210, 10:00 AM

HCC Youth exists to disciple and encourage spiritually rich interactions in a loving, caring, and authentic environment. Students learn how to live out their faith where they are, while letting go of the 4-wall stigma and embracing outreach opportunities.


The ability to speak to our young people in a way that provides clarity and focus on their purpose in God is a priority for us. Through interactive classes, applying the Word of God, and sharing Jesus by loving and serving, students are able to become better versions of themselves, while fostering friendships and connections with their peers.


If you're in Middle School or High School, this is where you belong! Connect, have fun, build your faith, and experience Jesus!

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Adult classes
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Quarterly class

ROOM 128, 10:00 AM

Dr. Joe's class follows the SDA Quarterly. There are three different one hour classes that happen at 10AM, 11AM, and 12PM. All are welcome and lively discussion is had.

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It's all about Jesus

ROOM 126, 10:00 AM

This class is all about Jesus. Whatever topic we cover is giving more info on, having a discussion about, or a building a better relationship with Jesus.

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Clase para Estudiar la Bibla

 ROOM 104, 10:30 AM

There is a class for our HCC Spanish speaking family members. 

Clase para estudiar la Biblia. Esta clase usa la Biblia como guía, mientras conversa sobre el amor de Jesús.

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Under 30 Crowd

(Ages 18-35) - ROOM 210, 10:00 AM

HCC Young Adult Sabbath School class can be found upstairs by the youth Sabbath School room.

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